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NMS Management Services offers Drug Screening and Alcohol Testing Programs Globally. Our services include collections (in-house and mobile), MRO, account management, & electronic reporting. Our collectors are SAMHSA certified and trained to collect urine, hair, oral fluid and breath alcohol tests.

We coordinate and manage your entire Drug free Workplace Program from start to finish.

In Office and Mobile Drug Testing and Collection Services

  • Pre-Employment Drug Test: Can be collected On-Site or collected at any Quest, LabCorp, or SAMHSA approved site in our global collection network.
  • Random Drug Screening: Facilitates our clients with compliance in government mandated testing for all DOT modalities (Consortium or Stand Alone Pools) and has proven to be a great deterrant for employer’s Drug Free Workplace Programs.
  • DOT Drug Testing:
    • Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).
    • Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).
    • Federal Railroad Administration (FRA).
    • Federal Transit Administration (FTA).
    • United States Coast Guard (USCG).
    • Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA).
  • 24/7 Emergency On-Site Testing: Our staff of trained collectors is prepared 24 hours, 7 days a week, and can be dispatched anywhere including the most complex accident scenes. The collectors are equipped to perform urine, breath, blood or saliva specimen collections.

    This service can be provided for:

    • DOT / Drug Free Workplace.
      • Reasonable Suspicion
      • Post-Accident

What is The Value of a Drug-Free Workplace Program?

  1. Workers’ Compensation Premium Discount! (Where Applicable).
  2. Safer and Healthier Workplace Increase in Productivity and Morale.
  3. Decrease in Use of Medical Benefits, Absenteeism, Accidents, Downtime, Turnover and Theft.

Your program can be customized to meet your specific DOT and non-DOT drug and alcohol testing needs: Collection Sites Located Globally!

Drug Testing: We are your single source for all aspects of your drug testing program.

  • E-Chains – Convenient access to testing for our clients and prevent legibility issues with identifying your applicant/employee
  • Paperless & Integrated – We can integrate into your current ATS, CRM or HRIS system!
  • Access – Your employees can access our network of thousands of Certified Collection sites.
  • Document Management – Our online document management tools can assist in maintaining your testing program records.

Background Screening: Available in over 200 countries and territories worldwide. Services are completely customizable to match your exact needs.

  • Social Security Number Trace – Identifies residential history, aliases, and other key data points in order to complete the most extensive and thorough background check.
  • Employment Credit Reports – an indication of a candidate’s integrity, stability and trustworthiness.
  • Criminal Record Checks – An investigation of state or county criminal records
  • Motor Vehicle Report (MVR) – Electronic Database search of specific state(s) driving records. (Required annually by Department of Transportation – DOT)
  • Verification and Credentialing Includes all types of verifications such as professional, employment (as well as DOT), education, licensing certification, and both professional and personal references.
  • International Background Reports – We offer a full suite of legally compliant certified background checks in more than 200 countries and territories around the world.
  • Form I-9 / e-Verify: Our paperless process will keep you totally compliant! Our system helps you with Electronic Form I-9, E-Verify, remote hires, migration and remediation of historical records, and even I-9 audits.

Fingerprinting Services: We are a leading Digital Live Scan Level II Fingerprinting Background Screening vendor. We Fingerprint for the following State and Federal Agencies:

  • Any registered ORI number.
  • Agency for Healthcare Administration (AHCA).
  • Department of Health (DOH).
  • Department of Children and Families (DCF).
  • Agency for Persons with Disabilities – (APD).
  • Department of Elderly Affairs – (DOEA).
  • Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulations (DBPR).
  • Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (DOACS).
  • Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV).
  • Legal Name Change Fingerprinting Petitioners.
  • Volunteer & Employee Criminal History System (VECHS).
  • Professional and Non-Professional Guardian Programs.

Reduce the amount of time your employees are out sick and have a more productive workforce by implementing a Workplace Wellness Program today.

Reports indicate that:

  • 48% percent of employers who offer wellness programs said they are effective in improving employee productivity.
  • Wellness program participation promotes loyalty and decreases employee turn-over.
  • Employees reported successful achievement of goals in wellness programs for increasing exercise, losing weight, improving diet and getting regular checkups.
  • 69% of employers reported that health and wellness programs can be effective at reducing medical costs.

A healthier workforce reduces medical and disability expenses, therefore in effect increasing company profits.


  • Full Blood Profile: SMAC 26, CBC, Urine Specimen, Height, Weight and Blood Pressure, BMI
  • Flu Shots/H1N1
  • EKG (Interpretation)

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