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24/7 Post-Accident Alcohol / Drug Testing:

Our staff of trained collectors are prepared to assist you in a short notice at most complex Post-Accident scenes, whether it requires breath, urine, blood or saliva specimen collections.

Seamlessly integrates with your existing HR systems. Allows you to manage your domestic and global Background Screening, Drug Testing and Occupational Health Programs.

Gain Total Visibility and Easily Manage Every Aspect of Your Program

NMS OnBoard- Make Managing Your Onboarding Process More Efficient and Effective!

  • Extend a Personal Welcome With New Hire Onboarding Portals, greet employees with welcome messages, images, and videos that are specific to their role and housed on an online portal.
  • Go Paperless Streamline I-9, W-4, E-Verify processes, Drug Testing and Background checks with paperless preparation and storage. Access dozens of these standard forms in your file library!
  • Automate Task Checklists To help everyone stay on track, create and store both internal and new hire onboarding tasks, assign due dates, and schedule automated email reminders.
  • Measure Your Progress Keep a pulse on the impact of your onboarding process with user-friendly reporting.

With NMS OnBoard you will no longer be in the dark when it comes to your pre-employment drug testing program. Gone are the days of juggling multiple vendors, collection sites, compliance issues, and billing nightmares. With our technology, gain total visibility and be able to manage every aspect of your program in one place. Our Platform will let you know exactly when a sample was collected or if your candidate was a “no-show.” You can follow your chain of custody from the lab to the MRO and see everything from results, to e-chains, billing, BATs, and physical paperwork.  Save time and improve your candidate experience.  Watch the process in REAL TIME so nothing falls through the cracks.

Our platform easily INTERGRATES into your current ATS which allows you to maintain and enhance your existing pre-employment drug testing components without sacrificing functionality or ease of use. We are pre-integrated with the industry’s top platforms.

Going PAPERLESS increases efficiency, decreases errors and make things easier for your participants. Eliminate manual tasks, paperwork and deciphering of handwritten custody and control forms. Streamline the process by reducing data entry errors and avoiding manual mix-ups.

Our CANDIDATE PORTAL allows your candidates to schedule their own pre-employment drug test and choose their own collection site over the web.  No paperwork is necessary!  And since it is all done electronically, you’ll know the minute their test is scheduled.

Our ONLINE DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT tools help your testing program stay compliant.  You will have easy access to custody and control forms, consent forms, Breath Alcohol Tests (BATs) and physical exam records. Everything is available around the clock. Flexible permissions allow you to control proactive notifications, user administration, and access privileges.

Managing OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH SCREENING services associated with HAZMAT, OSHA and DOT regulations require the skills of experienced professionals.

NMS OnBoard, our fully customizable onboarding platform, seamlessly integrates with your ATS, CRM or any Recruiting / Human Resources system. Integration improves efficiency, reduce redundant data entry, save money and improve your candidate’s experience. Getting results has never been easier.

When you reach out to us, our only goal is to resolve the issue, and do it quickly. Our customer service experts go through extensive training so they can resolve your issue on the first call.


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We increase efficiency and make things easier for your employees.

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