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NMS Management Team

Image of Dr. Alfredo Taule, the Clinical Director (Assistant MRO, SAP, EAP) of NMS Management Services, Inc.

Dr. Alfredo Taule


Dr. Taule is a licensed Psychotherapist, Certified Addiction Professional (CAP), and a Substance Abuse Professional (SAP) as well as an Interventionist. He completed his internship at Hanley Hazelden Center and treated patients with addiction and other mental disorders. He is a member of the Employee Assistance Program Association (EAP), the Florida Certification Board and the Addiction Advisory Board. He is a DATIA certified assistant Medical Review Officer (MRO). 

Image of Elaine, the VP of Operations & Training at NMS Management Services, Inc.

Elaine Taule


Elaine founded NMS in 1989 and over the last 27 years has been assisting employers and schools with drug and alcohol testing program development and implementation. She believes education of the employer is the key to a successful drug free workplace program. Elaine makes every effort to educate the employer in the proper management of the drug and alcohol-testing programs. In 2008, she was awarded the Random Student Drug Testing Grant for the School District of Palm Beach County by the U.S. Department of Education. She serves on the Board of Directors for DATIA.

Image of Ernesto Matamoros, M.D. The Medical Review officer of NMS Management Services, Inc.

Ernesto Matamoros, M.D.

Medical Review Officer

Dr. Matamoros has served as the certified Medical Review Officer for NMS since 1996. He is AAMRO certified which is based upon the federal requirements developed by the Department of Health and Human Services for federal drug testing programs. This certification fulfills the requirements of those states requiring certification of Medical Review Officers.

Image of Howard Taule, CFO of NMS Management Services, Inc.

Howard Taule


Howard is an expert in Finance and Computer Integration Solutions. He graduated with a degree in Business with a minor in Finance. In 1996 he co-founded the Recruiting Firm, GameRecruiter. He simultaneously runs his family business NMS. Howard designed NMS OnBoard, a Custom Onboarding System that seamlessly integrates with your existing HR systems and allows you to manage your domestic and global Background Screening, Drug Testing and Occupational Health Programs.

Image of Marc Mencher, CEO of NMS Management Services, Inc.

Marc Mencher Taule


Marc is an expert in Staffing, Drug and Alcohol Testing, and other Human Resources compliance issues. He graduated with a degree in Business and a minor in Computer Science. One of his first jobs was Staffing Manager, where he oversaw the hiring of over 300 people. In 1996 he established his Recruiting Firm, GameRecruiter. He simultaneously runs his family business NMS where he heads up Business Development, Marketing and Sales. Marc is the author of the book “Get In The Game”, a guide that prepares people for their job search. Currently he has been performing presentations on properly handling Marijuana in The Workplace.

Image of Maria, a NMS Management Services, Inc. employee.

Maria Delisle


Maria has served as VP of Operations since September 2015. She has developed a full line of training programs and is an expert in onsite and webinar based programs such as Supervisory Reasonable Suspicion and DOT Audits. Before joining NMS, Maria was a branch manager for Savings of America. Her management skills have allowed her to create an excellent team of customer service representatives whose main purpose is to give the “White Glove” service to all of our clients.

Image of Travis, a NMS Management Services, Inc. employee.

Travis Betances

Background Specialist

Image of Tyler, a NMS Management Services, Inc. employee.

Tyler Betances


Drug Testing Program

With the Drug Testing Program, Business Workplaces are made safer and more productive.

Student Drug Testing

Substance abuse is deterred with early detection

DNA Testing

Our licensed professionals guarantee state of the art testing whether for personal use or legal & court purposes


Helping America Become Drug Free

NMS Management Services, Inc. was founded in 1989 by Elaine Taulé. As a mother of six children, she found the need to become better educated in the signs and symptoms of substance abuse. That research flourished into a business that now exceeds 1000 clients nationwide.

NMS provides turn-key Drug-Free Workplace programs. NMS implements each program, which includes the policy, consent and authorization forms, chain-of-custody-forms, employee education and more. Additionally, NMS manages the testing, reporting and compliance processes. NMS provides and completes the 5% Premium Credit and re-certification application (Form #09-1).

Background Searches

You will get true and valid information and be aware of the identity of whoever you are hiring.

Wellness / Flu Services

Avoid employee sick leaves and increase productivity and start a Workplace Wellness Program.

Insurance Exam Services

Guaranteed inusrability with medical examination as part of the application process

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