Is your business complying with Clearinghouse’s™ new rules & regulations?

Businesses struggle to keep up to date with the latest rules & regulations of Clearinghouse. NMS is here to help!

Clearinghouse™ National Drug & Alcohol Screening is an association that all businesses and corporations must comply with within guidance of the FMCSA. Businesses tend to struggle with keeping up to date with all new rules and regulations that Clearinghouse™ provides and that is where NMS can help! NMS has 24/7 support as well as a Clearinghouse™ dedicated team to always remain in compliance and inform employers of the new and upcoming regulations. With over 25,000 partnered laboratories NMS is able to help any and all businesses nationwide!

Frequently Asked Questions about Clearinghouse:

Q: Is the Clearinghouse Mandatory?

A: Yes, the Clearinghouse is mandatory. DOT employers who do not comply with the latest FMCSA requirements are subject to criminal penalties and fines up to 2,500 for each offense.

Q: What violations are the employer or designated C/TPA required to report?

A: An alcohol confirmation test with a concentration of 0.04% or higher.

Refusal to test (alcohol).

Refusal to test (drug) not requiring a determination by the MRO.

Actual knowledge, that a driver has used alcohol on duty, used alcohol within four hours of coming on duty, used alcohol prior to post accident testing, or has used a controlled substance.

Negative Return to Duty result.

Completion of follow up testing.

Q: What violations are the MRO or SAP required to report?

A: MRO: Verified positive, adulterated, or substituted drug test result and refusal to test (drug) requiring a determination by the MRO. The MRO must report this within two business days of making a determination or verification of a DOT approved drug test.

SAP: Identification of driver and date the initial assessment was initiated and the date of determination of eligibility of return to duty testing.

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Every industry should work to achieve and maintain a healthy and safe workforce. Whether it is designing corporate wellness programs or return to work COVID-19 strategies and testing, we can help.

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