How To Get a COVID-19 Vaccine in Each State

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With several COVID-19 vaccines now available, in record time, learning exactly how to get vaccinated can be a little overwhelming.

One of the largest contributors to the confusion is that each state’s vaccine distribution is managed differently, which means eligibility requirements, appointment setting, and guidelines and regulations vary state-to-state.

In addition to each state having different protocols for receiving the COVID-19 vaccine, each county may also have various unique stipulations in place for setting an appointment.

Most states and counties are providing easy-access web pages to help their constituents understand how and when they will have access to or be able to schedule their appointment. However, that does not mean it is void of complexities.

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Understanding the CDC’s Rollout Recommendations

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) has created a set of COVID-19 vaccine rollout recommendations, including three Phases, 1a, 1b, and 1c as follows.

Phase 1a

This is the first phase and suggests that healthcare personnel and those in long-term care facilities should be first to receiving the vaccine.

*This phase began in mid-December, just after the first vaccine was approved for distribution and public use.

Phase 1b

This is the second suggested phase of the vaccine rollout and is meant for frontline and essential workers, such as firefighters, postal workers, food/agriculture workers, and individuals over age 75.

Phase 1c

Phase 1c is suggested for those between the ages of 65-74, individuals between 16-64 who have underlying health conditions, and other essential workers in the food service, public health, transportation, and construction industry.

Getting A COVID-19 Vaccine: State-by-State

state-by-state covid vaccine guide

Each state has the choice to adhere to these guidelines or create their own, which is why understanding when you are eligible may be confusing and time consuming.

Click on your state below to learn how you can obtain your COVID-19 vaccine:

  1.  Alabama – Hotline: 855-566-5333
  2.  Alaska – Hotline: 907-646-3322
  3.  Arizona – Hotline: 602-542-1000
  4.  Arkansas
  5.  California – Hotline: 833-422-4255
  6.  Colorado – Hotline: 877-268-2926
  7.  Connecticut – Hotline: 877-918-2224
  8.  Delaware – Hotline: 1-833-643-1715
  9.  Florida – Hotline: 866-201-6313
  10.  Georgia
  11.  Hawaii – Hotline: 833-711-0645
  12.  Idaho – Hotline: Click to find the hotline based on where you live in the state.
  13.  Illinois
  14.  Indiana – Hotline: 211 within the state
  15.  Iowa – Hotline: 211 within the state
  16.  Kansas
  17.  Kentucky – Hotline: 855-598-2246
  18.  Louisiana
  19.  Maine – Hotline: 888-445-4111
  20. Maryland – Hotline: text ‘MdReady’ to 898-211 for appointment updates and vaccination sites
  21.  Massachusetts
  22. Michigan – Hotline:  Each county has a listed phone number on the website.
  23.  Minnesota – Hotline: 800-657-3504
  24. Mississippi – Hotline: 877-978-6453
  25.  Missouri – Hotline: 877-435-8411
  26. Montana
  27.  Nebraska – Hotline: 833-998-2275
  28.  Nevada – Hotline: 800-401-0946
  29.  New Hampshire
  30.  New Jersey – Hotline: 855-568-0545
  31.  New Mexico – Hotline: 855-600-3453
  32.  New York – Hotline: 833-697-4829
  33.  North Carolina – Hotline: 888-675-4567
  34.  North Dakota – Hotline: 866-207-2880
  35.  Ohio
  36.  Oklahoma – Hotline: 405-425-4489
  37.  Oregon – Hotline: 866-698-6155
  38. Pennsylvania – Hotline: 877-724-3258
  39. Rhode Island – Hotline: 844-930-1779
  40. South Carolina – Hotline: 866-365-8110
  41. South Dakota
  42. Tennessee
  43. Texas – Hotline: Check provider or hub for contact numbers.
  44. Utah
  45. Vermont – Hotline: 855-722-7878
  46. Virginia – Hotline: 877-829-4682
  47. Washington D.C – Hotline: 855-363-0333
  48. Washington
  49. West Virginia – Hotline: 833-734-0965
  50. Wisconsin
  51. Wyoming – Hotline: 800-438-5795

Maintaining proper precautions has been said to help slow the spread of COVID-19 while the vaccines continue to be distributed and administered.

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